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Hearth and Home dolls house kitchens include miniature AGAs, 12th scale kitchen ranges, miniature kitchen sinks and 12th scale washing coppers.
We love
AGAs. We have both had AGAs in our lives since childhood. Now that we live in a 16th century house, the AGA is still the hub of the home, creating a wonderfully warm and inviting family kitchen. That is why we take great care to ensure our miniature AGA stoves are complete, accurate, 12th scale miniatures.
12th scale AGAs are available in the two oven version, the four oven version or the new miniature deluxe AGA model. This new model has a lighting firebox, pewter cooking plates and is supplied with a bulb. All miniature AGA cookers have chromed hot plate lids and opening metal doors.
Look out for our latest additions to our miniature Agas - the Mark II (1930) and the Model 82 four oven Aga (c.1935)
We also offer a free colour matching service so you can co-ordinate your miniature AGA with your dolls house kitchen.
To see the full range of full sized aga cookers and the available colours, go to the official Aga website at:

For the more traditional miniature kitchen, Hearth and Home miniatures make 12th scale Georgian and Victorian kitchen ranges. All miniature kitchen ranges have opening metal doors, "lighting" fire grates and are supplied with a bulb.

Our miniature kitchen sinks are available in several designs from a single sink through to a complete unit with miniature water heater.

Washing coppers were found in most houses; in some cases until the 1940's. They were used as an early "washing machine", the water being heated from the fire beneath. Sometimes children were bathed in them or they were used for brewing beer. The Hearth and Home washing copper boiler has a "lighting" fire, opening metal door, removable lid and is supplied with a bulb.

(Photo by Laura H.)

AGA is a trading name and trade mark of AGA Rangemaster Group plc

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