Commissions & Special Editions

Commissions & Special Editions Image
Some of our most interesting pieces of work arise from commissions we have been asked to make for specific projects or for charity events.

In this section we have included some of our more challenging pieces of work.
Commissions & Special Editions
Coffee Table Image

Coffee Table
Miniature "glass" top coffee table:

Aga Mark II Image

Aga Mark II
Early miniature Aga cooker. The first design to be imported to UK in 1930

Aga Model 82 (4 oven) Image

Aga Model 82 (4 oven)
Early miniature Aga cooker. The first 4 oven Aga imported to UK c.1935

Beamish Museum Basins Image

Beamish Museum Basins
Children's washbasins for miniature shoolroom

Reception Table Image

Reception Table
Miniature modern reception table: